The Promo Love Matrix

Posted by Dean Caravelis |

I love gift-giving. That’s probably one of the reasons why I founded Blezoo; since promotional products and branded apparel are essentially gifts that companies distribute! I’ve always wondered though, why some promo items are held onto for years and others […]

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3 Design Tactics That Will Make Your Brand Stand Out

In the promotional products industry, the first instinct is to plaster a logo as large as you can within the given imprint area of the product. But, this isn’t always the most effective route. Here are a few design tactics […]

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This post will leave you in stitches…

People love embroidery. It has an organic, expensive look that brings a sense of value. Plus, a decorated t-shirt is like a walking billboard! A custom statement like this may seem like a simple process, but it has a more […]

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