Year-End Letter from Our CEO

Posted by Dean Caravelis |

As we approach the close of another remarkable year, I am confident that each of you will take a moment to reflect on the journey of 2023. When someone asks you, “Was this year a success?” your response might be […]

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Hurricane Updates: Idalia (August 2023)

Please refer back to this page for the most up-to-date status updates. Last update: Tuesday, August 29, 2023 🌀 Hurricane Idalia is predicted to make landfall in Florida as a major hurricane this week. With safety as our top priority, Blezoo’s […]

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Hurricane Update

🌀Once again, a Hurricane has decided to bear down on Blezoo HQ here in central Florida. What does this mean for Blezoo’s customers? TIME-SENSITIVE ORDERS: Today is the best time to contact your rep and wrap up any time-sensitive projects.  ELECTRICITY: It […]

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