🌀Once again, a Hurricane has decided to bear down on Blezoo HQ here in central Florida.

What does this mean for Blezoo’s customers?

TIME-SENSITIVE ORDERS: Today is the best time to contact your rep and wrap up any time-sensitive projects. 

ELECTRICITY: It is uncertain whether we’ll be without power and for how long. There could be team members with delays in responding to you.

EXPERIENCE-IN-A-BOX: For clients on our new on-demand shipping platform, our warehouse will be temporarily suspending operations. We’ll be back to shipping your Experience-in-a-Box products as soon as possible! All orders in the queue will ship once we are able to ship.

SHIPPING: Anything shipping to, from, or through the area will likely be delayed. Especially if the storm stalls as predicted.

FACTORIES: Although we use factories all over the country, there are many factories in Florida and the southeast that will likely have delays in production times.

One thing I’ve learned about my team over the last two years is that they respond to adversity with creativity & resourcefulness. We always do our best!

Thanks ahead of time for your patience and understanding. ♥️



Dean Caravelis, CEO