Love Your Competition

Posted by Dean Caravelis |

Let’s keep it real: the competition is doing it’s best to take your lunch money every day. Conversely, you’re doing your best to eat away at their market share. There’s no love lost, but is there really a reason you […]

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What’s the competition doing?

They’re marketing the heck out of their business whether you can see it or not. In a recent Advertising Specialty Institute survey, promotional product Third Quarter sales are up 13.1% over the last 2 years, with Blezoo’s numbers up significantly […]

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A Trench Coat & A Trunk

Recently I heard an advertisement industry speaker refer to the masses of promotional products salesmen as “anyone with a trench coat and a trunk” and that really resonated with me. It wasn’t just because of the imagery and the connotations, […]

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