Quality, trends, functionality, and value are all concepts that heavily drive products in retail brands. Naturally, since the same users that receive promotional products are purchasing retail products, the promotional products industry typically follows suit with what’s happening in the retail market. In 2021, the dynamic between these two industries is more aligned than ever!

This is mainly due to the ever-increasing number of retail brands that have entered the promotional product space. Brand names (that typically sell products in retail stores) are now partnering with promo product factories, expanding their reach and offering customized solutions.

This month, we sat down with Kiera to hear her thoughts on retail brands, and why you should consider a retail brand for your next promo project.

Question: What are the benefits of using retail brands for your promotional items?

Kiera’s Answer: With familiar retail brands, the items have proven their quality and there is naturally a higher perceived value. Even though brand names often have a higher price than their generic counterparts, the best ROI for your marketing dollars is spent on products that won’t be thrown away.

With summer coming up, outdoor and leisure products are on the rise. Consider an awesome (A) Coleman Cooler, (B) Otterbox Drybox, or lather up with (C) Sun Bum sunblock!

Nobody needs another low-quality t-shirt stuffed in the back of their drawer. Style your company logo alongside a (D) Carhart Canvas Cap, (E) The Northface Fleece Jacket, or an (F) American Apparel 3/4 Sleeve Raglan.

Drinkware is super versaitle, and these brands are some of our personal favorites. Pair your brand with a (G) Brümate Margarita/Martini Tumbler, (H) Ello Ceramic Mug, or a classic (I) Camelbak Eddy water bottle. Bonus points: pair it with an amazing design!