Let’s talk about something that’s often overlooked but super powerful in our branding efforts: colors. Vibrant hues on products do a lot more than just look pretty, they play a massive role in how people perceive and engage with our brands.

Understanding Color Psychology

Color psychology is all about how colors affect our moods and behaviors. It’s pretty fascinating stuff! Different colors trigger different emotions and associations in our brains, which can totally sway how we feel about a brand or product. Understanding this can help you choose the right product colors to fit the messaging of your brand or campaign.

Let’s dive into all of the colors of the rainbow (and beyond!) and what those colors tend to portray psychologically.


cleanness, clarity, purity, simplicity, sophistication, freshness


power, passion, energy, fearlessness, strength, excitement


courage, confidence, warmth, innovation, friendliness, energy


optimism, warmth, happiness, creativity, intellect, extraversion


health, hope, freshness, nature, growth, prosperity


trust, loyalty, dependability, logic, serenity, security


wisdom, luxury, wealth, spirituality, imaginative, sophistication


timelessness, neutrality, reliability, balance, intelligence, strength


sophistication, security, power, elegance, authority, substance

Choosing the Right Colors for Promotional Products

When it comes to picking colors for our promo swag, it’s all about knowing our audience and the vibe we want to create. Whether we’re aiming for bold and eye-catching or understated and elegant, the right color palette can make all the difference. Consistency is key, too – using the same colors across all our branding materials helps build recognition and trust with our audience.

By understanding the power of colors and the emotions they evoke, we can take our branding and promotional efforts to the next level. So go ahead, get creative, and let those colors do the talking!