Last fall, The Guardian shared research that showed a dramatic shift in how consumers are buying branded merchandise. When buying products such as handbags, for instance, consumers in double-digit percentages are flocking to no logo or minimal logo pieces which is a major departure from the in-your-face, big branded products that have flooded retail for many years.

So what does this have to do with promotional products? Everything, of course. When consumer tastes shift, marketers across all spectrums have to take note. If your stakeholder is no longer interested in that sweatshirt from the mall with the big block letters plastered across the front, chances are they don’t want to see their company’s logo applied in that way either. How, then, can you promote your company’s brand if you can’t put your logo on anything?

Below are three small ways you can apply your logo for big impact:

  1. Tone on Tone — This can be applied in many ways: your company’s logo stitched on a shirt in a thread color just slightly darker than the shirt itself; a towel with Prolucent (translucent white) Ink which allows the towel color to show through; or, a piece of drinkware in matte black or white with a black or white imprint.
  2. Debossed — The opposite of embossing which creates a raised surface–debossing creates an impression in the item. Debossing is popular for journals, padfolios, and even Bluetooth speakers. You can even go for a full deboss on some products.
  3. Etching — Etching is typically done on glass, but that doesn’t mean you’re limited to drinkware or barware. Etching your logo on an award, a set of glass coasters, a picture frame or vase is a great way to add understated elegance to any piece.

There’s nothing to fear from minimalism in promotional marketing. Check out the gallery below for inspiration or contact us for a brand-new idea.