First, I’ve got to start off by explaining what a full deboss is. It is a colorless imprint which looks like an impression into the journal. It’s considered “full” because the imprint area is virtually the entire journal! Anything over 9 pt font is readable for this specific product.

So why do I love full deboss journals?

– Great for creating background all-over print designs.

– Room for multiple logos and co-branding.

– Yes, we can make your logo BIGGER.

– Debossed imprints have a high perceived value.

– Place your logo anywhere instead of a restricted imprint area.

– Room for anything: Maps, Mascots, People, etc.

– Creativity is your only limit on what you can do with this!

Here is an example of a full deboss journal design concept I just worked on recently:

As I previously blogged, I went to a workshop called the “Ruckusmakers” with Seth Godin. I decided to turn the whole workshop into a full deboss journal. Up at the top I included all of the names of the “Ruckusmakers” in history (included all of ours at the conference). These were names that Seth put on the back of our workshop t-shirts so I wanted to reflect this on the journals. I then put the name of the workshop real big and below that I transposed some of my notes from the conference. The end result is a journal which encapsulates the whole weekend. See? Creativity is key with your full deboss journals.  (By the way, Blezoo can help you with this!)

Screen Shot 2015-05-04 at 11.48.55 AM

insta deboss