It’s December. Cue the Prediction and Trend Pieces.

Everywhere you look this time of year, marketers are outlining their thoughts for what’s hot and what’s not for the year ahead, and the promotional industry is no different. After all, products are just the medium. Your brand is your business’s visual identity and we are here to protect it fiercely and find just the right products to help you reach your target audience.

And, reaching that audience is much easier when you put your logo on products that create a meaningful and lasting connection—items that won’t go from the trade show to the trashcan.

Here are a few predictions of what we think will be “hot” for 2018:

  1. Employee and Customer Onboarding Programs
    Perhaps the biggest industry shift is the addition of onboarding programs that contain your tribe’s promotional mix. Whether they are used for employee engagement or customer retention, they’re sure to make a big impact in 2018.
  2. Tech, Tech and More Tech … Especially Wireless
    This trend may not be new or hot, per se, but it’s not going anywhere. Power banks, QI-enabled wireless chargers, Bluetooth speakers and much more will continue to be popular in 2018.
  3. Sustainable Products
    Some options might include eco-friendly cotton tote bags; bamboo or wood items for everything from the office to the kitchen; and, pens and journals made from recycled paper. Environmental chic is in.
  4. Apparel
    Apparel the follows street wear and urban trends, and big-name brands such as North Face and Next Era will be big hits.

Are you ready to think beyond the mug for 2018? Let us help!