Hey! Computer hard drives are always becoming half as cheap every year, how come flash drive pricing fluctuates?

There’s actually an economics answer behind all of it.

Flash memory for usb drives is also used in tablets, smart phones, and other electronic devices. So, for example, when Apple is getting ready to launch a new product they begin to absorb a large amount of flash memory in the market. This creates a lot of demand with limited supply, which in turn drives up prices.

Flash Memory operates in a commodities market? Pretty much. Which is why factories come out with weekly pricing. In the long run, pricing has had a downward slope, but the limited supply has created peaks and valleys in these fluctuations.

What about the really cheap flash drives we find online! How come they are still so cheap?

They are using refurbished and secondary market flash memory which has an unacceptably high fail rate. Which kind of defeats the purpose of the promotion if the product doesn’t work. Needless to say, Blezoo only uses Grade A Tier 1 certified flash drives so you can rest assured they are guaranteed to work!

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