Overs and Unders aren’t just betting lines in Vegas. They also have to do with the promotional industry!

Occasionally we are asked why factories deliver extra or not enough promotional products. The interaction goes like this “Hey! I ordered 1,000 units but I got 1,020 – why did you ship extra?”.

Basically, there are a couple of reasons why this happens with some product lines. It’s always our goal to minimize and overs or unders, but due to the following 2 main reasons it is a common occurrence:

(1) Production with high speed imprinting machines, which makes it difficult to imprint an exact quantity.

(2) The process of Quality Control (QC) which rejects pieces that are not imprinted up to Blezoo standards.

Typically if 1,000 units are ordered then more than 1,000 will be produced. This way if some of them get rejected in QC then you end up with around 1,000. If too many get rejected then you end up with less than 1,000 – If too few get rejected you end up with more than 1,000. 5% Over/Under is standard for most factories but there are some which go up to 10%.

Can you get exact quantity? Yes. You will need to request exact quantity when the order is placed. Some factories incur a small exact quantity fee.

There are a lot of generalities in this post due to the high spectrum of products that we produce, but we hope that this explains any deviations in quantity.