Ever run into someone that tries to close you on their products/services right after you meet them (even if you’ve shown no interest)? There’s really no bigger networking turn-off. If this happens to you then you will probably think: “This person is way too pushy, so I don’t think I want to introduce them to the 5 potential referrals I have in mind”.

That is because networking is about connecting with others and tapping into each others reach.

This can also be put to good use in your personal life. By tapping into your knowledgeable friends, colleagues and acquaintances you can get referrals, recommendations or ideas for just about anything. Tip: If you are looking for someone who performs a service you should tap into the referral source because they will be your filter. Otherwise you just might get stuck with the first person you ask. Make sure your referral sources value their personal credibility.

Why not google someone elses brain instead of aimlessly scouring the web?

-New chicken marinade? Ask your friend who is a (pseudo) chef.
-Best plumber? Ask your friend who owns rental properties.
-Must-see Movie? Post it on Facebook to your “Movie Aficionado List”.
-Need freelance designers? Ask someone who uses them.
-Never sell anything on Craigs List? Ask your friend who swears by it.
-Thinking about getting a dog? Ask someone who has the same breed.
-What’s the best new restaurant in town? Ask a friend who is single & doesn’t cook.
-Best way to train for a 10k? Ask someone your age who has trained many times.
-Promotional Products that drive sales? Ask Blezoo.
-Most Popular Keywords? Ok, ask Google for this one.
-Got some free time on your hands? Help this guy.

You should have noticed how social media is a great tool for most of these – but, remember the ‘Tip’ and beware of the pitfalls. Find those trusted referral sources in order to save time and money!