As an HR professional focused on your people, there are three priorities likely on your mind: engagement, retention & recruitment. 

With more teams going remote, or hybrid, it’s gotten harder. Digital tools can only take you so far. How can we stay connected and proactive toward those three main priorities?

A surprise package in the mail (known here at Blezoo as an Experience-in-a-Box) in many cases, is the closest people have come to a physical touch with the “outside” world this past year. 

Wow, I know that’s deep.🤔

There are three types of mail you primarily receive: junk mail, bills & surprises

Spoiler Alert: Only one of these touch points is welcome by its audience!

Everyone loves a good surprise. Especially when it’s the most delightful package your employee has ever received!

How can you use Blezoo’s Experience-in-a-Box to support your engagement, retention & recruitment efforts?


Your culture is one of the most important things you can invest in. A surprise in the mail that helps anchor your values will not only thrill your team but remind them about why they work with you in the first place.

💡Create a kit that has your company values imprinted on branded merch. Example: A water bottle could have one company value, a notebook could have another value, a ring light could have another value.

BONUS: Personalize one of the items with your employees’ names on it!

By packaging all of your values into an Experience-in-a-Box, your team will not only appreciate it, but they will talk about it.


Truth be told, you probably saved a lot of your budget this past year due to a lack of events, dining out, travel & other expenses that fall by the wayside during a global pandemic.

An Experience-in-a-Box surprise in the mail is a great way to say:

“We see you. We’re thinking of you. We appreciate you.”

💡 Theme your experiences every quarter as a new season approaches. Example: A “Summer Fun” outdoor kit that arrives right before Memorial Day weekend with a barbecue item, frisbee, and sunscreen.

The key is having a theme, having a message & delivering delight in an authentic way.


If you’re going to send these types of swag mailers to employees then you absolutely must focus on presentation. Why? Because a beautiful presentation is what compels your team to take pictures!

Really Cool Box = Pictures Taken = Posts on Social Media 📸

Who else is on social media? New recruits!

💡 Design is so important when sending your team a surprise. At Blezoo, we obsess about it when we’re creating these types of experiences for our clients.

Avoid sending “stuff” in a box, and send an Experience-in-a-box instead. It will be way more Instagram-worthy & a more effective recruitment tool.

Let us show you how we can transform your employee engagement, retention & recruitment efforts with Experience-in-a-Box! Click below to start your project.