Name:  Blezoo Bot v2.0

What are your super powers? Finding the best promo items in the universe, duh.

Favorite place you’ve visited? Callisto (my favorite moon of Jupiter)

Place(s) that you want to visit but haven’t? The Sun, heard it has the hottest new products.

What’s the 1 thing you’ve waited in line the longest for? To get my QR Code tattoo removed from v1.0. Live and learn.

Do you have a favorite season? When I’m visiting the headquarters in Florida: Winter for sure.

What’s your guilty pleasure? The Botchlerette. Just sayin’.

If you could go back in time to any era, which would it be? 1999 so I can laugh about Y2K.

Longest road trip you’ve ever taken? Alpha Centauri (the closest star). They are light years behind.

Volunteer work you are most proud of? Allowing friends to ‘pick my brain’ over a $4 coffee.

If you could eat the same thing for lunch every day what would it be? Space dust jerky. Totally under-rated.

Favorite thing about Blezoo? They teach me A.I. has a way to go, so I still love those creative & artistic humans back at the base. Love them mean it.