Onboarding a new employee is so much more than paperwork. While often overlooked, it’s one of the most important elements to creating a successful business. Employee turnover is a huge burden that can cost your business $15,000+.

Creating a cohesive onboarding experience has a lasting effect on attitude, effectiveness, and retention. As well as…

  • Setting a positive first impression of working at your business
  • Exposing them to the company culture early on
  • Providing important information and tools they will need for training
  • Helping them feel welcome on the team

Happy employees are the #1 advocate for your brand. Invest in highly effective, branded onboarding items, and you will quickly instill a sense of company pride and show new employees that they are valued members of your team. Soon they’ll be toting your logo around with them while running errands and going to the gym, promoting your business along the way!

We’ve come up with a formula for creating the perfect onboarding experience for your brand!

Step 1: Decide on Your Drinkware

Drinkware is a must-have because it is a universally appropriate gift. Its versatility and usefulness make it popular with all age groups and genders. 

PRO TIP: Choose a piece of drinkware that makes sense for your company. Does your office boast a gourmet coffee bar? Consider a mug. Is sustainability important to your company’s values? Consider a reusable water bottle.

Step 2: Choose Your Stationary

An employee’s first few weeks always entail a ton of training, meetings, and things to remember. A notebook and pen combo encourages diligent note-taking.

PRO TIP: Add a tip-in page with your company’s values or mission statement to echo what they’re learning about your company in training.

Step 3: Select Your Apparel

No onboarding experience would be complete without a piece of apparel. You can stick with the classic polo or t-shirt. However, jackets, pullovers, and cardigans are always well-received for a chilly office environment (just make sure to ask for their size in advance!)

PRO TIP: Custom socks are an evergreen solution for any size!

Step 4: Opt for a Bonus Item

Every company is different, so here is where you can get creative. Does the position require a percentage of travel? Consider a branded luggage tag or a TSA-friendly cosmetic bag. A trendy tech company might consider blue light filtering glasses or a trusty power bank.

PRO TIP: This is our team’s favorite part of the process. Don’t feel weighed down by the infinite options, let us brainstorm for you!

Step 5: Pick Your Packaging

Tie it all together with a beautiful well-designed box or bag for a polished and professional look to complete the experience.

PRO TIP: This step is especially important for remote settings – you can use the box to drop ship the package straight to their door on their first day!

Remember, while company swag is not a replacement for a strong company culture and work environment, it can certainly be a vital component for a great first impression.