At Blezoo, our love language is definitely giving gifts. I think that’s a given when you work with promotional products. 😏 One of our clients recently posted on LinkedIn about a package that they received from their rep, and it got us thinking about how important it is to us to delight our clients.

So, why does delighting your clients matter?

  • Unexpected rewards leave behind a positive impression
  • Helps to nurture relationships and keep you top of mind
  • Develops loyalty and promotes a connection with your brand

Delighting your clients is about so much more than just giving gifts. It’s about letting them know that you care about them on a human level and making sure they know that they are valued. Below are a few ways that we like to delight our clients at Blezoo!

1) Perpetual/Ongoing Programs

We love to celebrate life’s milestones right alongside our clients – whether it be their first order with Blezoo or moments in their personal life. We always have things on-hand to send to our clients to let them know we’re thinking about them!

Blezoo Example: Whenever we find out about a client who is expecting or recently had a baby, we send them our New Baby Kit. It contains a few baby essentials such as a few different sizes of onesies, a silicone bib, and an encouraging note. πŸ‘Ά

2) Random Surprise & Delight

Let’s be honest, who doesn’t love a surprise package in the mail? We love sending unexpected surprises to our clients that serve as spontaneous tokens of appreciation.

Blezoo Example: We recently sent a Popcorn Kit out as a random surprise. It contained a countertop popcorn popper along with the kernels – everything they need for the perfect bowl of popcorn for their next movie night! 🍿

The key is to know your audience and choose quality products that will be appreciated.

P.S. Our team has no shortage of ideas for client delight. Contact us todayΒ and we’ll help you brainstorm a program with your own unique twist on it!