We’ve turned promotional swag mailers into experiences for a long time, so I wanted to take a moment to rewind and share with you about a legendary project from 2012. I spent 3% of our gross annual revenue on one single mailer and lived to see it become a smashing success.

Tell me about this awesome mailer, Dean! 🤯

A spy kit from the ‘Promotional Intelligence Agency’ (yeah, it was a knock off the CIA logo!) that we sent out to customers & hot prospects. It looked so real that some of the Marketing Directors thought they were in trouble when they received it!

The Contents

  • Dry seal debossed stamp on the main letterhead
  • Personalized letter using variable data
  • A business card inserted with each item explaining to the “agent” how they can use the items on their “mission”
  • A cryptic phone number with a pre-recorded voice mail message instructing them to visit our secret webpage, revealing special pricing on the items from the kit
  • Custom Stamps used to mark each envelope that had a product inside, sealed with a Gold Foil Sticker
  • A Microfiber Cloth for the agent to “remove their fingerprints”
  • A Light-up Stylus Pen used to send messages “back to base”
  • Earbuds used to “encrypt” any phone calls made
  • All contained in a manila folder custom stamped “Top Secret”

The Aftermath

If this seems a bit over the top … it was! The week that followed was a non-stop train of text messages and phone calls from recipients. I ended up kickstarting 3 major client relationships just from that one project.

Were there people that got the spy kit that didn’t love it? I am sure of it. There are definitely folks who barely gave it a passing glance; some who thought it was a bit gimmicky.

The Lesson

One thing is for certain: that was probably the most memorable package they received that day, week, month and maybe even that year. I heard years later about how one recipient still carried that spy kit into many company meetings in order to reference it. This is the type of residual value that is difficult to calculate but exists in abundance.

Set yourself apart and people will talk about you in places you never would have guessed, and in ways that are impossible to measure.

How did we turn a swag mailer into an unforgettable experience?

  1. We had a theme and we committed to it like professional improv comedians.
  2. No detail was spared! We doubled down on every last touch.
  3. We used the optimum mix of customers & prospects to ensure that serendipity could take its course.
  4. We timed the mailing so it would arrive on the best day to ensure maximum impact that week.
  5. We sold everything that was in the mailer so it was a functional promotion for our products but in a less sales-y way.
  6. The design was stellar to the point that people were nervous receiving the package because they thought they were in some legal trouble.
  7. It was fun and boy did our customers enjoy it.

We told a story. We WOW’d. We engaged. THIS is ultimately why it worked, and why it is possible to turn your swag mailer into a memorable experience. 🚀 I hope you will consider these bullet points next time you want to make a big impact.

PS: Want us to ride shotgun and make this happen? Contact us today!