Due to the effects of COVID-19, events around the globe have looked a bit different this past year. The majority of events took place on a virtual platform, were postponed, or cancelled altogether. It’s been a long time since we’ve had the opportunity to experience the human connection that comes from in-person events. With vaccines being distributed, can we start to see a light at the end of the tunnel for getting “back to normal”?

A recent PULSE Survey by Northstar Meetings Group shows that 81% of planners polled in the U.S. will hold their next in-person event within this year.

As for when? A recent LinkedIn poll by our CEO, Dean Caravelis, revealed that many companies are planning to either host or allow their employees to attend large events beginning in the Fall, but some could see themselves at in-person events as early as this Spring!

LinkedIn Poll: When is your company planning to host or allow employees to attend large events? (50+ people)
Before Summer, 22%
Summer 2021, 11%
Fall 2021, 50%
Winter 2021 17%

Promotional products are key, especially at tradeshows and large-scale events. With 12 years working in tradeshows and events, we asked our Key Accounts manager, Hope, to tell us what products she thinks will be marketing dollars well spent this year.

Question: What promos will stand out in a post-COVID event environment?

Hope’s Answer: Due to COVID, there will be a large focus on healthy and safety. Items like masks and sanitizers are going to continue to be in our arsenals. However, there are aspects of event giveaways that will always ring true. Items that are lightweight, compact, and packable are key.

A. Lip balm Sleeve with Carabiner

Clip the carabiner to your lanyard/badge holder for hands-free access to SPF 15 lip balm.

B. Credit Card Sanitizer

This spray sanitizer is a favorite among many because it’s shape allows you to carry in your pocket or wallet. Great for on-the-go!

C. Silicone Collapsible 18oz Bottle 

Hydration is so important during travel and events and this fun bottle is stylish, collapsible, and compact.

D. Recycled Cotton Tote

Eco-friendly, while still being trendy with a retail feel. Large enough while still being lightweight. The perfect tradeshow tote!

E. Car Coasterstone

A lightweight, unique item that fits in most car cupholders. Full color decoration at no extra charge – the possibilities are endless!

F. Mask Freshening Spray

This spray disinfects while leaving behind a pleasant scent for long days of mask-wearing.

As Blezoo’s Key Account Manager, Hope is constantly on the lookout for fresh, new, unique items to elevate her clients’ brands. She’s a big fan of creative decoration methods that really help make a brand pop and create continued excitement and brand loyalty.

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