The year that most people were wishing would end is finally over. Even though parts of last year felt like we were moving in slow motion, I’m springing into the new year more motivated than ever!

Despite the challenges and fears we faced, what can we learn from 2020? I took this list of ranked product searches from Amazon and drew key trends based on what consumers searched and bought. Now, I’ve curated some awesome products that I believe will be some of the hottest products of 2021. 🔥

1. Working from Home / Tech 🖥️

Some companies are back in the office full-time, some are still transitioning, and some are still fully remote. No matter where you’re working, 2020 forced us to rethink our workspaces to productive, adaptive, and enjoyable!

2020 Amazon Search Ranking: #4 Headphones, #5 Wireless Earbuds, #38 Wireless Mouse, #49 Bluetooth Speakers, #50 Keyboard, #29 Mousepad

Level up on this trend in 2021 with these products:

Products: (A) UV Sanitizer Desk Clock with Wireless Charging (B) Noise Cancelling Headphones (C) Light-up Cinema Board Frame

2. Comfort / Relaxation 🧸

We’ve spend more time at home in the last year than ever before, and we are rediscovering what it means to relax and enjoy time spent at home with loved ones.

2020 Amazon Search Ranking: #32 Weighted Blanket, #13 Air Fryer, #16 Toilet Paper, #18 Instant Pot, #8 Amazon Firestick, #52 Coffee, #64 LED Strip Lights

Level up on this trend in 2021 with these products:

Products: (D) Tablet or Cookbook Stand with Ballpoint Stylus (E) Oversized Wearable Sherpa Blanket (F) Insulation Slim Can Cooler

3. Health Consciousness / Getting Outside 🚴‍♀️

One huge effect of the pandemic is that many are focused on their health more than ever. With so much time spent at home and inside, spending time outdoors has been a welcome diversion and great way to stay active and healthy.

2020 Amazon Search Ranking: #35 Backpack, #34 Water Bottle, #42 Hydro Flask #88 Yoga Mat, #61 Smart Watch

Level up on this trend in 2021 with these products:

Products: (G) Packable Puffer Jacket (H) Fitness Tracker Watch (I) Yoga Mat Travel Tote