I’ve worn my favorite t-shirt probably once or twice a month over the last 5 years. It’s heathered gray and has a neon green distressed imprint on it that says “Virgin Gorda, BVI.”

Thinking about my “favorite shirt” has compelled me to examine why it has gained this status.

  • The tri-blend material is extremely soft
  • The artwork was intentionally distressed to begin with, so any additional weathering to the design is just an added bonus.
  • It’s the perfect fit and the right cut.

P.S. This shirt hits all the right notes when it comes to my Promo Love matrix.

Bachelor party in the Virgin Islands

Looks Good, Feels Good.

Lots of shirts look good and feel good. These characteristics are what gets a shirt into anyone’s regular rotation. I always advocate for branded wearables to look & feel retail, even if it means spending a little more time on the design, or ordering a smaller quantity so your budget can go towards quality. 

What makes this t-shirt extra special to me is the memory attached to it.

I bought it at my friend Anthony’s bachelor party in the British Virgin Islands. We arrived by boat and the only way to get to the beach at Virgin Gorda was to swim. This was not easy because we spent a lot of time at Willie T’s the night before… and if you know, you know. 😉 We all swam to the island, and I ended up buying that favorite shirt from a vendor there.

Willy T Boat

And why the heck did it cost $200?

Before swimming out to the island, I put $40 into a plastic bag to keep it dry in my pocket before our swim. A couple of friends asked if they could put money in that plastic bag also and I agreed under one condition: I am not liable for their money. Hours later, on the way back, we got back to the boat and, unfortunately that plastic bag must have floated away, along with the $200 inside. 🤐 

Well worth it, if you ask me! And even after all this time? It’s still holding up.

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