Drinkware makes a huge splash… okay, okay, bad pun. But all joking aside, there is something special about having your brand on something so well-used. Because of its versatile nature, people LOVE getting free water bottles. It won’t hide in a drawer or closet for the rest of its life. Instead, it will travel to the workplace, to the gym, around town, and be top-of-mind wherever its used. Advertising Specialty Institute discovered that a whopping 78% of consumers own promotional drinkware… that alone should tell you something about its effectiveness!

We’ve asked our senior sales representative, Kiera, to share some of her top water bottle choices. She’s seen years of trends, and knows what consumers enjoy and which products can show off a logo in the best way. Let’s check out some fun options:

1. Glass bottle

Our first option is very unique. This glass bottle with a push-on lid has a popular high-end, eco-friendly vibe. It can have a “mirror” print effect that allows you to view your art from the inside out.

Kiera says:

“I love this bottle, especially using a mirror imprint. It gives it a really gorgeous Fiji bottle-type imprint.”

2. Marble tumbler

This beautiful tumbler with mixed ceramic and bamboo materials make for a stylish drink. With a functional screw top lid and wide mouth opening, it is ideal for adding ice cubes to your drink.

Kiera says:

“I really love this tumbler, you can get it with one of two stock designs; the grey marble or the blue flower.”

3. Corksicle canteen

People love the “organic” material look. This gorgeous canteen comes in walnut and marble finishes. Not only that, but it is vacuum sealed and triple insulated, so it goes where glass can’t and keeps ice cold for days.

Kiera says:

“Many of our clients love this Corksicle Canteen. Check out the wood look option.”