For years, Blezoo has successfully created digital landing pages that our customers have used to accurately collect information from their employees or customers. The most common info we gather is shirt sizes for events, re-brands or mailings. If you didn’t know that we can help someone in your organization avoid receiving one-hundred emails in order to transpose shirt sizes into an excel spreadsheet? Then this blog post might just change your life.

There is one particular service that we offer that is the inspiration for the title “Give Your People What They Want,” and that’s the Pop-Up Shop! It’s a way for you to give your people exactly what they want. How do I know? Because it allows them to pick!

What’s a Pop-Up Shop?

  • A website with a hand-picked limited selection of your branded products on it.
  • The shop is open for a specific amount of time and closes at an exact date & time.
  • You can share the website link and folks can pick what they want.
  • Then, when the store is closed, your rep will order exactly what was selected. 
  • A few weeks later, the items will be shipped to all of the recipients.
  • Finally, you receive lots of positive emojis via text, appreciative emails & mushy handwritten notes.

What’s a Pop-Up Shop Ideal For?

  • Holiday gifts for your customers or team. Nailed it!
  • Roll out your rebrand to your network. Wow them!
  • Company-wide initiatives. Personalize your gear with the new inspirational tagline!

Let’s focus on Pop-Up Shops as related to GIFTING:

Think about how many gifts you’ve received that you’ve either re-gifted or left in a closet for eternity. Now, imagine an alternate universe where you had the chance to pick which micro-fleece jacket you wanted, in your perfect size and in the color you love. Yeah, you’re picturing yourself wearing it right now aren’t you? 

Imagine if you did a Holiday Pop-Up Shop this year? Your people would literally get what they want because … (wait for it) … they would have the power of choice. No more guess work. No more one-size-fits-all. No more surprises.

“…wait, did you just say NO MORE SURPRISES? But people love surprises!”

Well, if someone gets to pick what their holiday gift is then obviously it’s not a surprise because you’re asking for their input, but, here’s the value in that:

  • Just by receiving an e-mail that offers a free holiday gift to them, you’re already receiving positive recognition! 
  • When the gift arrives in the mail it will not be a total surprise, but how many times have you ordered something on Amazon Prime and two days later were delighted, and slightly surprised, when you opened the box?
  • Surprises are overrated because they are short-lived. By giving the people what they want, you get the staying power of an awesome gift that you know they will love.

Contact us today to find out if a Pop-Up shop is a good fit for your project! There’s still time to give the people what they want for this holiday season.

P.S. Here’s an example pop-up shop we created for Blezoo. We could design this type of shop, for you!