What takes your typical “items in a box” and transforms them into an Experience? Below you’ll find four key elements that Blezoo uses to elevate your promo project into an Experience-in-a-Box.

1. Relevance

Include items in your Experience that speak to specific passion points. This will be different for every company depending on your goals, audience and brand. Some examples include: If your company’s mission statement aligns with supporting veterans, consider a product from the Basecamp line. If online security is a priority, USB Data Blockers or Webcam Covers are for you.

2. Retail Details

The promotional product and retail product industries are more aligned than ever. Because of the quality standards set by retail brands, your Experience is instantly elevated by the use of brand name (or even retail-inspired) products.

Pro Tip: Pick a retail brand that aligns with your company values for twice the impact.

3. Cohesive Design & Message

Design elements that span across packaging and enclosed items not only raise the perceived value of your Experience, but also increase the likelihood of converting your audience. The feeling invoked in your audience often exclusively depends on the images, colors, shapes and copy you use. And that emotional response from the viewer will encourage them to take action toward your desired outcome.

4. Trendy Items & Materials

Whether it’s denim for a throwback, vegetable fibre material for an eco-friendly item, or metal for an industrial look, trendy items and materials create an a huge impact.

Pro Tip: Wheat Straw is a trendy new eco-friendly alternative to plastic!

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Check out the presentation below for ideas from each of the components above to create a powerful Experience-in-a-Box.