Everyone loves rubber ducks… but where did they come from?

With today’s kick-off of the University of Central Florida’s 2019 Homecoming “Spirit Splash” – where our custom rubber ducks are thrown into a crowd of eager students – we are reminded how fun our little yellow friends really are. But their history and origin are shrouded in mystery! 

It all began in the late 1800’s when manufacturers were experimenting with malleable rubber. Those ducks didn’t even float, and were used as chew toys. It wasn’t until the 1940’s that they started to resemble the iconic yellow figures we know and love now. Although they are currently made out of vinyl, the name “rubber duck” – stuck!

These lovable toys grew in popularity, especially after Ernie the Muppet on Sesame Street first sang to his “rubber duckie” on tv in the 1970’s. Decades later, people of all ages have rubber ducks in their homes and workplaces. The theme varieties are endless, and collectors, colleges, corporate businesses, celebrities, and sports teams across the nation have spread the joy by branding their ducks and using them as giveaways, holiday gifts, and decor. 

“Rubber Duckie, you’re the one,” has never rung truer! Contact us to see how YOUR brand can make its own giant splash with a custom giveaway.

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