Braille – Level 1

Level 1 Utilizes Standard Height

Advantages of Level 1

• No additional run charges for Braille Level 1

(normal drinkware run charges apply)

• Free PMS Matching available on braille dots

Additional Notes

• If logo and/or braille extend outside of the standard imprint area, the normal drinkware additional run charges apply 

($0.24(g) for each additional square inch)


Braille – Level 2

Adds Additional Height to Standard

Advantages of Level 2

• During testing, our focus group noted the additional height that Level 2 provided made the braille easier to read

Standard Level 2 Run Charge

• $2.00(g) *braille must fit within standard imprint area

(normal drinkware run charges also apply)

Additional Notes

• When Braille Level 2 is requested, only the braille dots print with additional Level 2 height. All other logos, decorations and text print at the standard Level 1 height.

• Braille Level 2 is only available in black or white ink.

• Printing available on single side of the drinkware only when Braille Level 2 is requested.