Mugs are an awesome, versatile promotional item. Drinkware is a category that most people don’t seem to throw away and if you’re lucky your brand can be seen EVERY SINGLE DAY with the recipient’s morning coffee. They come in many colors and sizes, a wide range of ways to imprint, and can fit into almost any budget. All that said, there are a few things to consider if you want to add branded mugs to your promotional arsenal.

Commercial Use

Are you intending your mugs to be used commercially, such as in a hotel or restaurant? Standard ceramic mugs are not made to stand up to the high temperatures of commercial dishwashers, leading to cracks in the mug, destruction of the imprint, etc. Be sure to ask for vitrified mugs if you’re using them for this purpose — this means the mugs are cured at a higher temperature. 

Production Time

Do you have a quick upcoming deadline or event? Ceramic mugs typically take around 2 weeks to produce, and unlike most other promotional items, these cannot be rushed. The mugs have to be cured and the process takes a LONG TIME! See the gif below for just one step in the process.

Shipping & Packing

Why the heck is the shipping so expensive for ceramic mugs? 1) Ceramic mugs have to be packaged in even-case quantities. 2) They are HEAVY! 3) They are packed with protective packaging because of their fragility and odd shape. <– This part is so worth it to ensure that your mugs are not broken upon arrival!


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