Ok, I have to admit. I was one of those UCF season ticket holders who received their package this summer and was grinning from ear to ear when I saw this poster. It was personalized, with my last name, on the back of the football jersey. It was a serious attention grabber!

Screen Shot 2016-08-31 at 9.38.40 PM
I also noticed on social media that many other fans were also posting pics of their personalized posters. They were posting things like, “Now I’m reading for football season!” and “You know this is going up in my office!” all the way to “Nice touch, Knights!”.

This was a very thoughtful idea.

It brought every fan onto the field WITH the players.

Instead just being A poster it has become YOUR poster.

This is why I’m a big advocate of personalization with your promotional campaigns. Sure, it takes a little bit more time to gather all of the names, making sure they are all spelled correctly and of course just as you are ready to go into production there will always be a dozen more names you need to add. It’s not your conventional order where they are all the same. But think about the impact when they receive the product in the mail.

It’s not just A promotional product. It’s THEIR personal product. Good job, Knights.