Here are tips on how you can make your promotions effective & effortless:


1. Tiered system.
Have on-hand a variety of items that are appropriate for different situations. By having things tiered off, you’re set for any occasion. Example: Pens in different price ranges: $1, $2-$3, $5-$10, and $20-$40.

2. Complimentary Items.
If you have promotional items which are complimentary then you can use them combined or independently. An example: Journals with a pen loop and a set of tiered pens you can attach to it depending on the occasion.

3. Mail With Handwritten Notes.
Having items that can easily be mailed with a handwritten note is a great way to differentiate yourself. An example: You can use this as an effective method to follow up after meeting with a prospect.

4. Auction Stock.
Have on-hand a stock of more premium items that would fit well into any auction. Next time someone asks you for a donation to their event auction you don’t need to reinvent the wheel. Example: We keep music packs on hand: bluetooth speakers, gift cards & headphones.

5. Unbranded.
That’s right, you should have a limited supply of promotional gifts unbranded with your logo on the box instead. Example: This sends the message that it is a no strings attached gift and it feels more genuine.

6. Real Estate
If you want to stay top of mind then think about the real estate you can own in the environment that this person works in every day. Example: a desk person has a much different workplace environment than a salesperson who drives most of the day.

7. Combine Tips.
Think about how you can combine these tips. Imagine if you combined tips, 1, 3 & 6. Example: You could create a tiered system of mailable promotional items that occupy various workplace environment depending on the prospect. This should inspire many more ideas.

The point of these tips is to create a system that makes your purchasing & distribution of promotional products effortless. Too many times companies are scrambling for last minute items when a well thought out strategy of preparedness is easily attainable…. by connecting with Blezoo, of course.