Hi there!

Well, it’s Q4 & the holiday gifting inquiries are zooming in. We wanted to share 10 keys to consider before making a holiday gifting purchase. If you have any questions please reach out to us, we’d love to help! Also, follow us here & here for periodic inspiration.

Keys to holiday gifting success:

1. Be open to shareable group gifts. This will alleviate the “who should we send a gift to and who should we omit” dilemma. (ex: food gifts)

2. Stop worrying about being so literal (ex: “we’re CPA’s, we have to give something financial-related!” – No, you don’t).

3. Give something memorable that is worth talking about.

4. All clients/partners aren’t created equal. Divide your recipients into 3 tiers; Good, Better, Best. Find appropriate gifts which reflect their tier.

5. If you have valuable clients but no budget for gifts? Don’t buy them anything. A thoughtful card is better than a cheap item that might be a tad insulting given the business you’ve done.

6. Get noticed more on the fringes; early gifting or late gifting (maybe consider New Years gift? Helps you stand out.)

7. Focus the gifts on your client’s psychographics, not yours.

8. Functional gifts tend to have the longest shelf life. Especially quality products with more subtle branding.

9. Consider a logo’d gift box with an unbranded gift. People are smart, they will remember where they got it from and appreciate the gesture.

10. Your logo doesn’t need to be as big as it can be. How about engraved in a subtle location? Less is more.