Right on schedule Blezoo has launched it’s website version 3.2 which is newly responsive to any device you are using (shout out to the mobile users out there, much easier to read huh?). One of the key elements of the refresh was re-launching our business blog as the “Promotional Intelligence Report” which is a spin off of our Promotional Intelligence Agency campaign from 2013.

What is the Promotional Intelligence Agency?

It’s a clandestine organization located in Orlando, Florida that works with “Agents” (customers/prospects/partners) out in the field and helps them fight the “War on Stale Marketing” by training them to use unique & effective promotional products from Blezoo.

As for the spy kits we created last year to launch the campaign: “Yeah, we admit we went a little far, but who ever said we were conventional? Just wait there’s more..”.

The Promotional Intelligence Report “Blog” will continue to be a great resource for our Agents to become educated within our space. Even though promotional items & logo’d wearables are our forte we will continue to deliver well rounded marketing inspiration. We’d like to continue to be an open source of marketing, enlightening even Double Agents (we know you’re out there!).

PIA group shot