In the early 2000s, I was a marketing executive for a fashion accessories company and I was relentlessly prospected by promotional salespeople. Needless to say, I received a ton of catalogs and e-mail solicitations.

Based on my encounters with the saturated industry, I saw a huge opportunity for a marketing-focused entrant. Intrigued by this promo industry, I founded Blezoo in 2008. It was the perfect intersection of two of  my passions: physical products and branding.

From Blezoo’s inception, I held onto a belief that there are busy marketing professionals out there who want more than just a catalog or website to endlessly look through; they want competent and dependable professionals to serve them as a valued extension of their team.

After surviving the Great Recession, the company began to gain traction in year two. What emerged was a philosophy:

We believe that our promotions can create meaningful connections through fun & creativity.

Engage. Delight. Promote.

Since then, the company has run with this philosophy and achieved a strong double digit annual growth rate every year. Along the way I am truly lucky to have found an extraordinary group of teammates to take my vision to the next level and help define what it means to become the promotional agency of tomorrow.

It all starts with people: trusted vendors, proactive teammates and amazing clients who emphatically choose Blezoo over and over again.

Along the way we also found a mascot: the Blezoo Bot.

The mythology of this cute little robot emerged because our customers couldn’t believe how many outside the box (and inside the budget) ideas we are able to churn out in a short amount of time. One loyal customer even said, “You must have an army of robots helping you to get it all done!” In the spirit of this, the Blezoo Bot was born.

We refer to our mascot as a myth because even though we have the bot by our side, it’s actually humans who give our customers world-class service. Our Blezoo Bot cheers us on every day, because even it knows that art, creativity and connection is best when it’s left to humans. Real people, like the amazing team at Blezoo (our pictures are below – and yes, of course, we included the Blezoo Bot).

We’re stoked you read our story. We can’t wait to write the next chapter, with you.