At Blezoo we’re always in the lab with a pen and a pad thinking of new ideas, combining old ones and peering into our crystal ball. Sometimes that’s not enough so we set out into the world meeting with vendors and seeing what they have in the pipeline. Recently, we had this opportunity at an industry trade show to see the newest and most unique promotional products on the market that will be branding businesses in 2014. Below are a few items that our team personally selected that surely will give you some inspiration for your next promotional advertising expedition.

Laura found this refreshing promotional item:

“It’s an individual cooler for your drink. it fits most size cans and bottles, seals at the top to avoid leakage and can be refilled with new ice & water from a larger cooler throughout an event! Perfect for outdoor events like tailgating, picnics or camping trips.”

Kiera picked this flashy promotional product:

“This is s a motion or sound activated light up bracelet. I really like this because I think items that light up get people’s attention.”

Dean loved the branding possibilities on this drinkware:

“This full color imprint process on the base of a wine glass, which also can be done on other drinkware lids or bases also, really creates a lot of unique possibilities for messaging in your promotions”

Are you for your next 2014 promotion? Let’s talk!