I recently read a report that via Facebook you could connect any 2 people in the world with (on average) 3.74 steps. This is the type of connectedness that would make even Kevin Bacon jealous. If planes shrunk the world in the 20th century then you could easily say social media has shrunk it even more this century.

What does this say about your brand?

Well, it’s safe to say then that your brand is less than 4 steps away from anyone in the world too. Which is why properly positioning your brand through social media, promotional products, updated websites, printed materials and SEO is important. People are going to be talking and as marketers it is our job to give them something to talk about. Heck, give them something to rave about.

And what about Kevin Bacon? Well, we’re “3rd” connections on Linked-In. The world HAS shrunk.

Kevin Bacon