Just like a bakery would give out loads of cake samples, we give out lots of promotional products. Aside from the fact that promotional products are what we do, we give them out because we understand their effectiveness. We always order more than what we need and today we wanted to share some ideas on what you can do with your surplus of promotional products. [ Side note: Admittedly, I enjoy the immediate satisfaction of cake, but our promotional products last a lot longer and don’t usually spoil.]

5 Ideas for excess inventory of promotional products:

(1) Sales team leave behinds for a specific vertical.
[Example: Give your remaining calculators out to your clients in Accounting & Financial services]

(2) Give to visitors at your office for a meeting.
[Example: Have the items at each place setting ahead of the meeting to greet your guests]

(3) Include in follow-up mailing to prospects.
[Example: Drop a useful item along with your information in order to own some desktop real estate at your prospect’s office].

(4) Give to internal employees who aren’t in sales or marketing.
[Example: Branding can extend to all departments! Can accent your office’s look.]

(5) Combine with other promotional products
[Example: Got some imprinted sun screen? Put it together with a beach tote!]