Many of you have already seen this video featuring our new Blezoo Bot. Below is a FAQ revealing a little more info about the Bot’s history:

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Blezoo Bot?
It is a loyal Bot owned by Blezoo that travels the infinite promotional marketing universe in order to find the ideal product for you.

How did Blezoo acquire the Bot?
Blezoo owns a lifetime lease on the Bot after successfully winning an intellectual property settlement vs. the Advertising-Specialty Bots of the Andromeda galaxy who infringed on the “Outside the box. Inside the budget.” trademark.

How does the Blezoo Bot communicate?
It dances and lights up when it has found the perfect product promotional product. It also has a direct link to where it can ping information from the Blezoo team.

So does this mean that the Bot is the “secret sauce” for Blezoo?
Not exactly. It takes the Marketing Geniuses at Blezoo to be able to set the parameters for the Bot’s search. It is the Ying to our Yang.

What happens when I put together my Blezoo Bot?
You have a built-in conversation piece about how much you love branding & what the Blezoo Bot does for you.