Some of our clients are always asking about what the newest promotional products are but then a funny thing happens. Often they wait to see others use them in their promotions before they try them out. Habits like these are similar to our own, where in life we are: innovators (2.5%), early adapters (13.5%), early majority (34%), late majority (34%) and laggards (16%).

Is your company’s brand an innovator or early adapter? Or is it part of the majority 68% in the middle? This says a lot about the native language of your brand.

Seth Godin in his blog “Yet” commented about technology and adaptation:
“Here’s a way to figure out if it pays to adopt a new technology. When you talk about your market or your peers, do you say, “no one is using it…” or “no one is using it yet”? Yet implies inevitability. If they’re going to use it, it might make sense to get there before they do.

[Worth considering: The difference between a technology where getting in early pays dividends, and those that don’t. For example, having a website or a blog or a Twitter account early can help, because each day you add new users and fans.
QR codes, on the other hand, don’t reward those that get in the ground floor. You can always start tomorrow.]