Finding the perfect promotional product takes marketing focus, but it also takes creativity to shake up the status-quo.  Below we take a look at some excerpts from Scott McDowell’s article about ending ‘Business As Usual” about creativity & focus:

Nancy Duarte /// CEO, Duarte Design & Author, Slideology:

Don’t blend in; instead, clash with your environment. Stand out. Be different. That’s what will draw attention to your ideas. Nothing has intrinsic attention-grabbing power by itself. The power lies in how much something stands out from its context.

Jonah Lehrer /// Author, How We Decide:
Sometimes, too much focus can backfire; all that caffeine gets in the way. For instance, researchers have found a surprising link between daydreaming and creativity — people who daydream more are also better at generating new ideas. Other studies have found that employees are more productive when they’re allowed to engage in “Internet leisure browsing.”

Chris Guillebeau /// Author, The Art of Non-Conformity:
Don’t make a thirty-step plan; make a two-step plan: think about it and do something about it. Ask for advice on a crazy idea. Contribute more — or less — at a meeting. Make a list of a dozen colleagues; then think of one specific thing you can do to help each of them this week… Choose ordinary courage today.