Why are some USB flash drive companies so cheap?

Promotional USB flash drives are meant to be given out, so if they eventually fail it is likely you will not only find out. Some of the ‘cheaper’ companies have drives that have a failure rate of 20-30% because they are using Flash Chips from the outer “wafer” that the original manufacturer does not want and considers to be garbage.

Some suppliers also to try upgrade these low quality chips and make them appear to be larger capacity than they are. And that’s where the quality issues & problems begin. They may be the least expensive but a gamble for your company’s reputation.

Why can you trust Blezoo?

We only use top quality Grade A Tier 1 Samsung & Hynix flash chips. Oh, and we also extend a lifetime warranty. From restaurants to DJs we’ve established a reputation of delivering some unique tactics for promotional distribution also.

Here is a link to some of our designs. We also make custom drives!

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