Backpacks are a great way to promote your brand with longevity. One of my favorite promotional products that I have ever received was a high quality premium backpack that I received from Citrix. I love it. It has every compartment and frill you can imagine and you know what? I’m showing off their brand everywhere I go with that bag. People sometimes even ask me if I work for Citrix.

This week we’d like to show off two backpacks that are vastly different but illustrate how wide our spectrum us: The nylon drawstring bag and the solar backpack (which has adapters that can charge all of your stuff!). Both items are at vastly different price points ($1-$2 vs. $150-$200!) — but are positioned perfectly for their target markets. Let us know if you’d like to own a piece of real estate on someone’s back! We can help.

solar backpack
nylon backpack