Customized magnets are virtually everywhere. Car magnets, especially, will send a message of endorsement for a brand + are great catalysts for awareness within a region. The most prominent promotional magnet we’ve been seeing around town (pictured below) is for the Dr. Phillips Center for the Performing Arts in Orlando. This beautiful 4-color process design is translated onto a die-cut shape of a flag/wave. This magnet uses subtle symmetry and bright colors to create a piece of art people can display on their vehicle.

Using magnets for your promotional product campaign is not new but improvements in printing capabilities and variety of available thicknesses has spawned innovation. At Blezoo we are always trying to push the envelope while keeping things competitive (hence, our tagline ‘Outside the box. Inside the budget’). Recently we’ve experimented with new materials for magnets and pushed our factories to reassess what is possible.

Have you ever considered how you can utilize car magnets to promote your brand? Contact us, we can help!