The Super Bowl finally broke M.A.S.H.’s 27 year old record and became the most watched television show in history with 106.5 million viewers. You would think that with a growing population breaking the record would be inevitable but one should consider all of the different channel and entertainment options today that did not exist back then.

The Super Bowl commercials this year were a promotional bonanza, and it is interesting that the most talked about commercials were the ones that did not get to air because they were too controversial. Not a bad deal, you get to keep your money and keep the buzz. As for social media, the most talked about commercial on Twitter was this Audi Green Police commercial. According to other accounts, the Betty White commercial was the fan favorite.

What did we like? We thought the Google ad was simple, told a story and was very clever. They kept their product on the screen the whole time. The question that we wish we knew – what percentage of the viewers saw that ad and did NOT know what Google is? You’d think it would be close to 100% in this day and age, but the reality is certainly different. After all, even while being the most watched TV show in history, only 35% of the country was watching. What was everyone else doing?