Ever wonder how politics and marketing mix? Here is incite that we learned from an ASI study that we thought you’d find interesting:

Republicans like food gifts, Democrats prefer logoed pens and independents might scoff at anything less than a brand-name shirt, according to a new study of political party preferences released today.
A study reveals what Democrats, Republicans and independents think about promotional products, a.k.a. swag (stuff we all get) and freebies, millions of which are distributed during election season along with bumper stickers, buttons and yard signs.

Here are study highlights:
• Independents get more promotional T-shirts than either Democrats or Republicans.
• Democrats receive more outerwear than Republicans by a 2-to-1 margin.
• Independents are less inclined than Democrats or Republicans to take free pens.
• 86% of Republicans give away the freebies they don’t want.
• 75% of independents prefer name-brand consumer promotional products, nearly 1.5 times more than Democrats or Republicans.
• Republicans are nearly 1.5 times more likely to accept a free promotional food basket than Democrats.
• Independents value promotional swag the most – on average, they own 11.6 logoed products, compared to 9.4 for Democrats and 10.3 for Republicans.

According to new results from the upcoming 2010 Impressions Study, the average cost-per-impression of an ad specialty item is $0.005, making it less expensive per impression than prime-time TV.