Creating a buzz. This is what promotions are all about. This is what marketing is all about. To some, this is what life is all about! Creating a buzz can get more people to hear about your products/services, attract more friends on Facebook and even land you your own reality show.

There are, however, some instances when creating a buzz can work against you. When keeping it real goes bad. Here a few we thought of:

-If you have a bad product/service and you go viral about how bad you are.
-You accept more orders than you can handle. Customer service backlash ensues.
-The buzz unintentionally alienates your main target consumer.

Don’t let your marketing buzz give you a brand hangover. Frame the context, coordinate your channels and understand the repercussions (and most importantly, how to react to them!). A good promotional strategy allows you to define the buzz, and not let the buzz define you.