Blezoo has concurrently launched a Facebook fan page and a Twitter stream so that we can broadcast daily/weekly specials on products. Many of the specials will have promo codes so that our followers & fans can capitalize on these opportunities while they are valid. That’s right, we are going to be rewarding you for Social Not-working. We also would love some interaction with our fans & followers so feel free to give us some feedback on what you’d like to see. We’d be happy to oblige as long as we don’t have to join your mafia family, work on your farm, or enter into a MLM business with you.


Also! Sign-up for our E-Newsletter. We will only be sending it out once a month and there will be something in there for everyone. Once a month is really not that often so it will be a pleasant marketing surprise instead of one of those spammy newsletter you get 4-8 times a month that you delete once you see the subject.


Here are the links:




Twitter: www.blezoo/com/twitter


E-Newsletter: <- bottom of the page