Staying at the forefront of a customer’s mind is of utmost importance. This is why over 90% of companies use promotional products at trade shows and over 70% find them to be effective or very effective. This implies that 20% of the 90% are doing it just because other companies are doing it and have not found a way to be effective. If you are with one of those companies then it sounds like you need a change in strategy (i.e.: contact Blezoo)!


We believe that with every promotional product, the company needs to ask themselves the following:


Is this product achieving my branding objectives?


If the answer is “no” then you have not found the right product. After all, do you want your product to insinuate “cheap & disposable” or “quality & smart”?


As our slogan “Outside the box. Inside the budget.” implies, we believe it is essential to be cognizant of the budget, but, by the same token, we also believe you should harness your creative tools in order to reach the promotional tipping point and surpass all branding objectives.