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Two Roads Brewing Company

Together, Down The Road Less Traveled

Two Roads Brewing Company was founded in 2012 by four friends who dreamed for years of starting a craft brewery. It is now the largest one in the state of Connecticut. It’s not just about quantity though, it’s also about quality. Two Roads was named one of the ten best breweries in America by Paste Magazine. If you’ve gotten the chance to taste their product, you’ll understand why!


The thing we love about the Two Roads brand is that it isn’t just a brewery, it’s a philosophy. Life seems to always have a split in the road. It just so happens, they prefer to take the one less taken and having some fun along the way – in their lives, careers and especially in the beer! These values truly align with our philosophy at Blezoo of creating meaningful connections through fun & creativity. We’re stoked to be helping their brand hop to the next level.


  • Wearables
  • Promotional Products

Blezoo has had a big hand in their gift shop by delivering top-shelf retail-inspired apparel such as t-shirts, fleeces, hoodies & hats. Since we began working with them their retail sales have had a steady rise. Our expertise in promotional products has also helped us create an array of best sellers such as koozies, bottle openers & glasses.

"When I started with Two Roads, I immediately called Dean and his team at Blezoo. I knew that the vibes his company was creating would immediately jive with our brewery. Partnering with Blezoo directly helped increase store sales by close to 20% in the first year! There is no better vendor out there than them. They are fantastic and creative people who know exactly how to knock each project out of the park. Calling Dean was one of the best decisions of my career and I have never looked back."
- Lindsay Felderman, Marketing Manager

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