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Advanced Recovery Systems

It Takes A Village

Advanced Recovery Systems (ARS) was founded in 2013 as an integrated behavioral healthcare management company. It provides assistance to people with substance abuse issues, addictions and mental health concerns.


Every facility in the ARS network strives to provide the highest quality of care, using evidence-based therapeutic models that really work. Their goal is to help men, women and adolescents live healthy, happy lives without the burden of substance abuse or mental illness.


  • Promotional Products
  • Wearables
  • Fulfillment
  • Custom Products

Working together as a team.

When Blezoo began working with ARS it had 3 employees. Today, that number is approaching 1,000. We’re excited by their success, the work they do to help people & for allowing us to be a small part of that moonshot trajectory! Every business that grows at that pace has two things: a real business model & great people. We can attest to that because the folks at ARS are top notch professionals who we’ve created a symbiotic relationship with.

Solutions, not just products.

As ARS has grown, Blezoo has listened to its needs along the way and implemented systems to help solve growth challenges. From nationwide fulfillment solutions to on-demand programs that allow teams to allocate budgets on pre-approved promotional items.

We reciprocate all of this gratitude!

"The Blezoo team is incredible and I am so grateful for their support as we’ve grown our company. From the early days of establishing our brand, to six years and 900 employees later, they’ve been with us every step of the way and have helped us navigate the challenges associated with significant growth. From providing affordable, high-quality options to creating an ever-evolving streamlined process to help address our specific ordering and fulfillment needs, each request has been handled with care. Thank you Blezoo for all you do! We can’t wait to continue to grow with you. Your partnership and friendship mean the world to us!" - Allison Walsh, VP of Business Development

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