Receiving a proof sometimes feels like an unnecessary roadblock when it comes to placing your promotional products order. We get it! BUT… Think about it this way: the proof is your last line of defense when it comes to making sure your order comes out exactly as you intended. What do you need to look out for? I’ve compiled the top 4 mistakes that pros RARELY make when it comes to approving their proofs.

Mistake #1: They Don’t Read The Proof

All of the details on your proof are worth reviewing. Your proof is like a contract, and if one part of the proof is off it can cause issues with your whole order. Is the Pantone number correct? Is it the right item? Read over the details of your proof, no matter how small.

Mistake #2: They Don’t Read the Copy

Double check all of the verbiage that’s on your artwork. Literally word for word. Read every single word out loud and ask somebody who has never seen it before to read it, too. A second set of eyes does wonders.

Personally, I feel like I spell the word “entrepreneurial” wrong most of the time. I always need that second set of eyes.

Mistake #3: They Don’t Check QR Codes, Links, Phone Numbers

If you have QR codes, links, or phone numbers in your artwork, double check to make sure it’s working before you click that approve button. Scan the QR code with your phone. Call the phone number. Type in the URL. It will save you a HUGE headache down the line if you catch a mistake now.

Mistake #4: They Don’t Compare the Original Artwork

Our best tip for this is to pull up your proof and the original artwork you submitted. Put it side-by-side and see if there are any differences. Go down to the most minute detail. This isn’t an error that happens often, but you’ll be glad to catch it if it does.

The most important thing that pros ALWAYS do is ask questions if something doesn’t seem right. They take the proofing stage seriously because they know that the proof is one of the most important factors in your order being produced accurately. Like getting a tattoo, you have to live with what you approve!

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