Why ship just 1 box when you can send many? Yep, that’s what a Nested Experience is. We’ve literally nested multiple boxes within a master box. Kinda like Russian Nesting Dolls (or Matryoshka dolls… or Babushka dolls… whatever you prefer)!

Here’s an example of a 5 box Nested Experience we did recently called “Year of the Box.” All 4 of the inner boxes sit nicely within a custom master box and complete the design. It’s not only functional… it’s beautiful! (If I do say so myself).

Year of the Box nested experience

Here are unique ways to use Nested Experiences:

  • Multi-day virtual events. Each box represents one day!
  • Organize your employee swag in the most OCD way possible.
  • Make 4 small gifts feel more substantial.
  • Show off your brand with all of the design possibilities!
  • Tell a story with each box playing off the central theme.

Are you ready to make a big splash? Let us incubate a Nested Experience for you and watch your message sprout wings and take off.

PS: We can design, kit and ship these for you! Keep your office clean while we do the dirty work💪