Procrastinators, Unite! Whether it slipped your mind to order in advance (hey, we’ve all been there in 2020!) or you’re just feeling stuck on what to give your audience this holiday season, Blezoo has your back.

This month, we got the scoop from Shana on her top holiday gifts that are (as of 9 a.m. on November 23) STILL IN STOCK!

Bonus Points: The products we recommend are almost guaranteed to fall within the ideal quadrant of the Promo Love Matrix from our last blog post.

Products: (A) Journal & Pen Set (B) Insulated Bottle (C) Bamboo Soy Candle (D) Wine Tumbler (E) Wireless Charger (F) Wireless Headphones

Question: What are the key considerations for last-minute gifting this year?

Shana’s Answer: The 2020 Holiday season is a lot different than years past for many reasons, as far as holiday gift-giving goes. Most likely, companies won’t be able to give their employees, clients, or vendors gifts in person with so many people working from home, so this year, drop-shipping is key.

I chose last-minute gift ideas, for different budgets, that focused on the following: • Self-Care • Comfort & Joy • Work From Home. Plus, all of these items are ideal for shipping (smaller/lighter/less postage = more budget that can go towards the gift), and have a perceived high-value retail feel.

Shana is an Account Executive at Blezoo. Shana’s #1 goal everyday is make her clients’ jobs easier by delivering branded products that will stand out to their audience. Her favorite promo product is a journal because there are so many styles and it’s a perfect gift for any age.

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